Big Wooden pyramid (colorful) (8 blocks & the base)

Big Wooden pyramid (colorful) (8 blocks & the base)


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Wooden pyramid

This square wooden stacker is a wonderful gift for a little boy or girl.
The toy is appropriate for children ages 12 months and up. This stacking toy helps your child develop fine motor skills, comparison by size and color.

Color – colorful (orange, red, green, blue, natural)

This stacking toy has 8 square-shaped blocks and the base.

This square wooden stacker height approximately:
17cm / 6,7 inches

Size of squares:
from 4*4cm /1,6*1,6 inches to 12*12cm / 4,7*4,7 inches

It is handmade, I don’t use any computer programs, therefore every square wooden stacker with 8 square- shaped blocks and the base is similar to other, but not the same. Every wooden toy is special and unique.

It is completely safe for your child! The toy is made from birch (blocks, base) and beech (peg). The wood finish is made of linseed oil (the base) & linseed oil stain (linseed oil + highest quality of mineral pigments) (orange, red, green, blue).





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